Thursday, 19 October 2017

Fun Fursday!!

Here we are, more than half way through our beach break & ... It didn't rain ... As much! ... As the last few days. :0P It was still mostly cloudy, but the sun DID make a couple of valiant efforts to come out of hiding ... Briefly!

We started the day with a fun catch up with one of my aunts who lives in the neighbourhood ... Sort of! :0) We hit one of the many coffee shops/Cafes there are to choose from within a block or two's walk of our unit & had a lovely chat & catch up on family news ...

GB decided he'd rather be photographer than photographed today, here's yours truly with Anne. Great to spend time with her. We then decided to take advantage of the 'no rain' situation & headed down the highway to a couple of the northern suburbs of Brisbane that we don't usually go near (since Toowoomba/Pechey to Brisbane travels for us are predominantly to southern suburbs) to visit some fun shops I follow on FB ... Yes ... I am a very fortunate woman to have a husband willing to take me to antique & patchwork shops without grumbling ... Too much! :0)

After a stopover in Samford, where I found a couple of vintage treasures (I can't show you cos they're gifties for friends who occasionally drop into the blog!), a disappointment at the second vintage shop as on Thursday they apparently don't open until 5pm & last stop ... Somewhere I've been wanting to visit for a while ... Faeries In My Garden. Well fancy that! I visited another patchwork shop! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Uh! Oh! Caught with my hands in the fabric! No, really, Sweetie ... The bolts just THREW themselves off the shelves! I had to catch them before they hit the ground! :0P For some reason GB didn't believe me! Tee! Hee! Hee!

After rescuing those fabric bolts, it was time to try to beat the peak hour traffic & head back up the highway ... In the rain! Surprise, surprise! ;0P We'll have a quiet dinner in before going for our nightly dessert-hunting stroll ... Ben & Jerrys, Valentinos Italian ice cream or the current fave, gelato.  It's a good thing we're doing so much walking! :0)

Hope your Thursday had some sunny patches too. :0) Til next time ...





Wednesday, 18 October 2017

And The Rain Comes Down ... Still!!

QUACK! QUACK! I think we're starting to develop webbed feet! :0) You guessed it ... It's STILL raining here at the "SUNSHINE" Coast where we're holidaying. So what was our latest wet weather adventure? A road trip to one of our favourite spots to visit ... Malaney & Montville ... Where we dodged showers, checked out interesting little boutiques & ...

... Found a dry spot for some lunch ... Beef ragout for me & braised lamb for GB ... Wonderfully warming on a wet Wednesday. Then there was some more shopping to be done ...

... At a couple of patchwork shops that were on our way home ... Sort of! :0)

Then it was back to our unit for a cuppa & feet up ... Whilst watching the rain! :0P ... Before heading off on a brisk walk to find somewhere to have dinner ...

... Award winning pizza. And we decided the awards were well deserved ... Not to mention the service was excellent. We rounded the day off by waddling off (we were pretty full from the pizza!!) for some gelato to take home. AAAAAAHHHH! We love holidays! :0)

Hope your week is puddling along smoothly. (sorry! Couldn't resist a rainy pun!) I wonder what wet weather wonders we'll discover tomorrow? :0) Til next time ...






Monday, 16 October 2017

Rainy Day Holiday Update!

Well ... Our holiday track record of "it always rains when we go to the beach" is running true to form. Day three at the Sunshine Coast & it's STILL raining. :0)

GB's vehicle needed to spend a day back at the dealer's having a tray tub fitted, so with a little buzz-box courtesy car & most of the day to kill, we splashed off. Hmmm ... So what does one do on a rainy holiday Monday?

Why, one finds a coffee shop, of course. :0) Here's GB's impersonation of a startled possum. Tee! Hee! Hee! And we were at the Ginger Factory at Yandina. When you visit the Ginger Factory you really have to try ...

... Fresh scones with ginger jam & cream ... YUMMO! There are also some fun giftie type shops to browse through ... Though we had to wait for the downpour to back off a bit before making it across the open area between shops. We then headed off to Sunshine Plaza in search of a specialty popcorn shop we'd visited previously.

This was a cute shabby boathouse on the river where we pulled over to consult Siri on the best way to find the plaza. The water level was pretty high ... In fact a few metres further along a local tv news crew was shooting footage of the rising levels. Plaza located, popcorn acquired & it was time to head back to pick up the vehicle ... Via the Patchwork Angel at Forest Glen, of course. :0)

I wasn't TOO naughty! :0) Some yummy dotty spotty fabrics, a really pretty charm pack & a new travel sewing light all follows me home ... That's my story & I'm sticking to it! :0)

So ... The weather may be a bit soggy (we're starting to develop webbed feet! Tee! Hee! Hee!) but we're still enjoying our break. Stay tuned for more holiday adventures. :0) Til next time ...







Sunday, 15 October 2017

Of COURSE It's Raining!!

We're at the beach so of COURSE it's bucketting down rain! It ALWAYS rains when we go to the beach, but you know what? We don't care too much. :0) Our 'water views' may be a bit more limited than we'd like & it's not great weather for sitting on the beach or swimming ... But we're on holiday for a week & it's been dry for so long that rain is a novel experience, so to use a phrase I don't always like to use cos it's used out of context so much ... It's all good! :0) 

I hope you're all having a fantastic weekend ... No matter what the weather is like. :0) If the rain clears enough for us to venture out, I'll pop back with some pics, but right now I'm going to curl up on the not-too-uncomfortable couch with a cuppa & my kindle ... Not too shabby a start to a holiday. :0) Til next time ...




Thursday, 12 October 2017

Beachy Blues & OPAM Winner!

Hello to all of you lovelies out there in blogland! I seem to be missing in action more than I'm here at the moment, but life just seems to keep getting messy. Although ... I'm hoping it will slow down at least a bit, as my Beloved Geek Boy & I are both on holidays this week & next. Weeeeeeeell ... Apart from me having to pop into work for a couple of hours Monday & an hour on Tuesday. It's nice to be irreplaceable isn't it. :0)

So far I don't seem to be making much headway on crossing anything off my "Things I Want To Get Done During My Holiday" list ... I've had my nose buried in my Kindle re-reading some fave books from Sherilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunter series ... OOPS! Guilty pleasure! :0) But I have managed to have a bit of a play with some fabrics I've been hoarding ... Er ... Collecting! ... For a while now ...

Some beachy blues. I'm preparing to make another of my patchwork skirts that I live in & am hoping to capture a beachy feel by using the many hues & tones of the ocean ... Green, Aqua, Teal, Blue, Navy ... You get the idea. Hopefully when I wear it I'll feel like I'm relaxing on a tropical island paradise. :0)

And just so I have some mental pictures to help with that escape, GB & I are looking forward to a week at the Sunshine Coast next week ... YAY!!! It will be our first proper holiday since before we moved three & a half years ago & we're hanging out to smell the salt breezes, hear the hum of the waves & feel sand between our toesies ... BLISS! Of course ... It will probably rain because it ALWAYS rains when we go to the beach. But we're fine with that because even if we're sitting on the balcony watching the rain ... We'll be watching it rain AT THE BEACH! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Before we go, though, I need to tell you who was the September OPAM random draw winner. As always, a big thank you to everyone who emailed their tally through to me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg. Much appreciated. Congrats to ...

Email me your snail mail address Sunny & once I'm back from the beach I'll get a little surprise in the mail for you. But right now I'm off to arrange & rearrange some beachy blue squares. Hope you're all having a fantastic week ... Even if you're not at the beach! :0) Til next time ...




Saturday, 30 September 2017

Topsy-Turvey Is The New Normal!

Well ... 2017 just keeps throwing curve balls! It's been a bit of a topsy-turvy time again around here. My boss's sweet Mum passed away & so work has been about juggling things & filling in a bit so my boss could take some time off. As a result, all plans got a bit shuffled or rearranged, so no sewing here again. SIGH! I'm sure it will happen sometime soon. :0)

So while I don't have anything to share with you on the sewing front, I thought I'd better pop in to remind OPAMers that it's time to update sidebar lists & email tallies to Sweet Peg & I ... Hopefully you've all had better luck in the sewing room. :0)

I don't like to have a post without pics, so before I head off to put the kettle on, I'll show you one of my Mum's garden delights ...

... A gorgeous bearded iris. Ours haven't flowered this year due to the extreme dry weather, so it's been nice to share Mum's. 

Hope your weekend is off to a wonderful start. It's a long weekend here so I may even dust off my trusty Husky. But not tomorrow night ... We'll be too busy cheering on our football team ... GO COWBOYS! :0) Til next time ...




Friday, 15 September 2017

Catching Up!

Hellooooooooo to all of you out there in blogland! I hope you are all well ... & will forgive my absence from the blog. It's been a bit of a crazy few weeks with one thing & another. The first reason for me being a bit quiet was the fact that my Beloved Geek Boy & I succumbed to some leftover winter lurgies within days of each other. I was ambushed by a nasty head cold & then GB was hit by a flu bug. We're both on the mend now, but I'm pretty sure we deserve shares in the tissue company! :0)

And while GB was in the midst of dying (he doesn't get the traditional 'Man Flu' but he really was miserable!) & I was still snuffling my way through the days, the calendar rolled around to Stitchers Dream Day, our big weekend of exciting stitching hosted by the Marvellous Marion & Stupendous Steph of the Quilters Angel. Although ... We minions & friends had to muddle through most of the set up without either of our fearless leaders because Steph was in the midst of bringing the next Angel generation into the world! :0) What a way to kick off the weekend! Tee! Hee! Hee!

So ... I thought you might like to see some photos of our fun. This year's theme was "Blossom & Bloom" & the guest designers were Libby Richardson of Artsmart Cottage & the lovely Lauren of Molly & Mama. Roll the photos! :0)

As usual, my Bestest-Buddy-Since-We-Were-Nine Lynette came up to play & here she is peeking in her giftie bag.

And Julie was caught with her hand in the bag, too. :0) After the intros, it was time to get cracking ... Apparently SOME people actually STITCH at these events! Go figure!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Here's Wendy with photographic proof that she was hard at work stitching.

And Felicity was very impressed with how much she managed to stitch.

There were also some mini workshops, with Libby sharing her simple but effective fabric painting techniques (Do you see who's standing beside Libby? Yep, Nikki Tervo came up to play! ) ...

 And here's my sewing friend Maureen concentrating hard to duplicate Libby's sample. (Maureen & I used to sew together weekly when we lived at Bongeen ... About 15 years ago! Wow! Time flies when you're having fun!)

Lauren shared her tips & techniques for English paper piecing. Although I can't see myself rushing out to start stitching hexies, Lauren's work is lovely & she specialises in small, easily achievable projects for those who want to create but don't have a lot of time.

And one of the best parts of Stitchers Dream Day (besides being thoroughly spoilt!) is time spent catching up with friends. Libby & I are both bear lovers ... & both shorties! Tee! Hee! Hee!

It was wonderful to chat to Lauren, too, & Lynette & I always enjoy our play dates. :0)

And fun to catch up with Felicity ... Who's just as crazy as me. :0) (That glow is obviously the light reflecting off our haloes! Tee! Hee! Hee!)

Oh! What about this year's special projects, I hear you ask ...

Lauren's hexies tote bag, complete with embroidered hexie key fob/scissors fob ...

Another Molly & Mama design, a glasses case featuring sweet floral embroidery ...

And matching the glasses case is a handy zippy pouch, also with sweet embroidery ...

I confess this is my favourite project this year ... Even though it's pink. :0) Libby's signature painted teddy shown off in a needle caddy ...

And last but not least, Libby's second project, an embroidered wall hanging.

Once again a huge THANK YOU! To Marion & Steph for a fantastic weekend of friendship & stitching. (Steph took care of most of the planning & had lists & notes for us minions to follow just in case she went into labour ... Good planning pays off!!) Thank you to Libby & Lauren for their gorgeous projects & to all the sewing enthusiasts who came along to play.

Of course ... A big CONGRATS! To Steph & her partner Peter on the arrival of Zoe Maree ... You can imagine how chuffed Marion & her Sweetie Col are to be grandparents. :0) By the way ... Little Zoe obviously takes after her super organised Mum ... She arrived on her due date! :0)

Right ... That explains why I've been missing in action for a bit ... I promise to try to get back here soon with some pics of what I've been sewing, but right now, I hear the kettle calling my name, so ... Til next time ...
















Sunday, 3 September 2017

Thankful For My Dad!

It's Fathers' Day here in Australia & although I am fortunate enough to see my Dad (& Mum!) at least a few times most weeks, it's a reminder that I am very thankful for my Dad. He's got a warped sense of humour, is incredibly politically-incorrect, is likely to start singing some random song based on something you say, is an expert at pressing all the wrong buttons on computers & remote controls (& sometimes his offspring!) & moves at the combined speed of ten turtles unless he feels like moving faster ... I'm sure his motto in life is, "Don't rush me, don't rush me!" :0)

But he's also been the quiet rock our family is built on. He drove my brother & I miles during our growing up years to attend youth camps & sporting carnivals, he taught us not to backchat Mum (his leather thong around our butts reinforced that!), he showed great patience in teaching us to drive, he helped us move house more times than I can remember & even though he has never been one for emotional speeches, we've never doubted that he loves us.

As you can see from these two photos we look nothing alike & I was clearly left on their doorstep by faeries! :0P

Dad gives great bear hugs, happily adopts my friends & I just love him to bits! Happy Fathers' Day, William Ronald! :0)




Friday, 1 September 2017

Spring Has Sprung!

YAY! Spring has finally arrived ... Though the weather man tells me our overnight temperatures will continue to be below five degrees for the next week or so. But I've been waiting for winter to finish, so today was a good excuse to celebrate September first with a girly lunch date.

You may remember my Mum's Partner-In-Crime Marg from some of our previous adventures. Well, Mum had arranged to take Marg on a bus trip as a birthday gift ... & it was canceled! So we decided it was a great excuse for a girly lunch road trip. We headed off to Spring Bluff historical railway station 15 minutes north of Toowoomba. Good decision! :0)

This pretty railway station is well worth a visit if you're in the area ... And with the annual Carnival Of Flowers just two weeks away, the gardens are looking so pretty.

This little garden pocket is surrounded by fabulous big trees & quite protected from some of the frosts & freezes we experience on top of our 'hill'.

We had a great chat with chief flower whisperer Owen who was happy to answer questions, identify plants & share his lovely workplace with us. He said our peculiar warm/cold/warm winter weather has caused him a few headaches, with some plants flowering earlier than usual, so he was madly replacing spent plants ready for Carnival judging next week. All of that chatting about garden work made us hungry, so we climbed the steep stairs to ...

The Pancake Cottage. Don't these two look like naughty school girls ready to get into mischief?! :0) we soon found a nice spot on the verandah for lunch ...

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Pancakes! :0) Absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS!! 

A savoury chicken & mushroom in white sauce for starters ...

And a traditional Dutch pancake that had sultanas in it, topped with apple compote & whipped cream for seconds. We shared two servings between the three of us ... And were still so full at the end that we decided to go for a waddle around the garden to settle it all. :0)

We were treated to the songs & colourful antics of many varieties of birds, including this little cutie that none of us could identify. Maybe a finch? Will ask GB the bird enthusiast when he comes home. :0)

All in all, it was the perfect way to celebrate the first day of Spring ... & I topped it off by popping in to visit Marion at the Quilters Angel where they were celebrating their 13th shop birthday with a fantastic 30% off sale. I was pretty well behaved ... Just some backing fabric & some mix-n-match spots. 

Whatever you've been up to today as you've welcomed the first day of Spring ... Or Autumn if you're north of the equator ... I hope you've enjoyed some time with people who make you smile. :0) OPAMers ... Have you updated your sidebar lists & emailed your tally to me or Sweet Peg? You'd better hop to it! Til next time ...









Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Winter Roars Out/In!!

Well ... The last couple of weeks have certainly disappeared in a puff of smoke ... Though given our recent temperatures, it's more like a puff of "dragon's breath" cold cloud! BRRRRRRR! Winter here on our 'hill' has been unusually mild this year ... Not that this hot-weather chicken was complaining! :0) We really thought Spring was here early ... Then winter decided to roar in ... Er ... Out?!? ... With an icy blast. It was TWO DEGREES in my kitchen this morning!! EEP!! Come on/back, Spring!

So in amidst the icy cold snap, a sneaky UTI, busy 'grown up job' schedule & hosting a gathering of the Meares clan, there hasn't been a lot of sewing happening here, but I have tried to soak up a bit of warmth in the garden ... Which has all been a bit confused by our funny cold-hot-cold weather. Some winter flowering plants are just showing now, while other Spring flowering plants have jumped the gun. So while my garden is reflecting the non-conformist personality of its owners, it's awfully pretty. :0)

This is one of the new spring flowering gardens we've established this year, near our back steps ... Which may as well be our main entrance since everyone who knows us comes in the back door. :0)

It's a bit hard to see in the pic, but there are delphiniums between the agapanthus at the back & the very showy snapdragons at the front. It's the first time I've grown delphiniums so am keen to see them flowering. The snappies sure are putting on a colourful show ... A nice, bright, cheerful way to go into the day as we head down the steps. But I still can't wait for spring to get here for real ... & warm up the temperatures! :0) Not long now! :0)

And speaking of not long now ... OPAMers ... We're about to run out of another month, so please make sure you update your sidebar lists & email your tallies to me or my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg.

Another reason to celebrate the end of August (as if farewelling winter isn't cause enough for celebration!!) it also marks my Beloved Geek Boy's Grandmother's birthday. Tomorrow, Gran Kent will turn ...

102 years old!

WOW! She doesn't recognise many people any more, but she can usually find something to make her smile & laugh.

This pic was taken two years ago when we celebrated her 100th. GB is on the right, his younger sister & her two daughters are beside him. Gran Kent hasn't changed much since then ... Though I think GB has a few more grey hairs! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Right ... I'm off to have a HOT shower for the first time in three days ... Some cloudy days & a problem with the booster on our solar hot water led to lukewarm showers ... Not good! All fixed today, though, & the sparky is my new hero! :0) Hope your week is off to a fantastic start. Til next time ...






Saturday, 19 August 2017

Girly Stitchy Road Trip!

Our brief glimpse of Spring has been blown away by freezing gale force south-westerlies here on our 'hill' ... In fact, we've just about been blown OFF the top of our 'hill'! :0) So when the going gets tough, the tough go on a girly, stitchy road trip! :0)

A contingent of our Friday Night Sit N Stitch gals hit the road today to drive down the 'hill' (before we got blown off!!) to the friendly little town of Esk, where Chriss had booked us a cosy little room to sit & stitch & enjoy yummy treats at the Nash Gallery & Cafe. I forgot to get a pic of the cafe, but it's in a gorgeous old Queenslander. We happily settled in for some stitchin' time ...

We had our own room to ourselves ... Maybe they thought it would help keep us out of trouble ... MAYBE!! :0) And we all DID do some stitching ... See?! Photographic evidence! :0) But after a while, we really needed some sustenance ... How fortunate that the menu offered some DEEEEEELICIOUS lunch options! :0)

MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!! It was then back to the stitching & chatting ... Oh! & quite a bit of laughing!! We even provided entertainment for other people visiting the cafe ... A lovely cyclist decided that maybe she needed to take up stitching since we made it look like so much fun. ;0)

And after expending all of that energy stitching & chatting ... It was time for afternoon tea. :0)

The lovely ladies of Nash do their own baking & the vanilla slice was FABULOUS!

Chriss thought so too! :0)

And Kerrie gave it the finger-lickin'-good thumbs up.

Sue enjoyed a slice of pear & pistachio torte.

Gail loved her vanilla slice, too ...

She enjoyed it a LOT!! Tee! Hee! Hee!

We even had a "Ta! Da!" Moment from Kerrie ...

Isn't this a cute quilt? Good job Kerrie! :0) 

It really was a wonderful way to spend a horrible windy day. Huge thanks to the friendly, helpful staff at the Nash Cafe for helping to make our mini sewing retreat such an enjoyable, relaxed day. If you're passing through Esk or looking for a great place to meet friends, I can highly recommend the Nash Gallery & Cafe.

And now I'm snuggled up in front of the fire under my trusty flannel blankie with my Beloved Geek Boy ... Not a bad way to spend a wild & windy Saturday. :0) I hope your weekend is as enjoyable as mine is shaping up to be. Til next time ...












Friday, 18 August 2017

Rock On Friday!!

It's Friday. It's my day off. I'm home ALL DAY!! :0) So what's a gal to do? Why ... Play with some pretty fabrics for a new design ...

... & turn up the 80's Rock & sing along, of course!! :0D ABBA, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, ACDC, John Farnham, Pat Benitar, Cyndi Lauper, Maddona, Crowded House ... Can you tell the sewing machine is ROCKIN' today?! Tee! Hee! Hee!

What do you have planned for YOUR day off/weekend? I hope it involves some creative outlet & some favourite music. :0) OOPS! Bon Jovi is singing "Have A Nice Day" ... I really should help him! Tee! Hee! Hee! Til next time ...




Sunday, 13 August 2017

Lazy Sunday & OPAM Winner!

Hello to you all! Have you had a restful weekend? After our road trip yesterday, we had good intentions of being very productive around the house today.  Yeah ... that didn't really happen! :0) We had a lovely sleep in, then a leisurely brunch on the side verandah in the sun ... mashed avo and fetta on olive sour dough toast and freshly brewed coffee whilst enjoying our unseasonably warm August weather. AAAAAHHH!!  BLISS!! We wondered what the peasants were doing! Tee! Hee! Hee!

Then there was some garden watering for GB and thorough kitchen cleaning for me (hmm ... would have preferred they got swapped!!) The plans were then to head out into the garden ... but our across-the-road neighbour decided to burn off some felled trees/branches ... AGAIN!!! GRRRR! ... and the smoke in the front yard was too nasty to venture out in ... so it was indoor time. A spot of reading for me (thank you Nora Roberts for the MANY hours of entertainment your books give me! :0) ) and some family tree research for GB ... who is coming to the conclusion that perhaps his great-grandmother was a little free in her definition of marriage and that our surname should probably be her maiden name of O'Reilly! Tee! Hee! Hee!

All in all ... it wasn't a bad way to wind down and recharge the batteries to help us get ready to face the new working week ... SIGH!!!

However, before we get tossed kicking and screaming back into the working week, I need to catch up with the OPAM draw for July. Thank you to everyone who emailed their finish tally through to me and my GORGEOUS Partner-In-Crime Sweet Peg and a big thank you to Sweet Peg who did most of this month's blog hopping when I got caught up in life's craziness. There were 196 finishes for July - WOWSERS!! That's our second biggest total for the year so far! There must have been a LOT of  flying needles of one sort or another around the world. :0) And the winner of the random draw is ...

Congrats, Dory! Email me with your snail mail address and I'll pop a little something in the mail for you ... along with the last two winners of the draws I've been responsible for  - OOPS!! Sorry girls! During the craziness of the last few months, I DID manage to wrap the prizes all ready to post ... and then put them in a VERY safe place. So safe, in fact, that I only re-discovered them this week ... SHEEPISH GRIN!!! :0)  What a slacko host I've been this year ... thank you all for being patient with me.

And in amidst the comings, goings, busy-ness and craziness, I HAVE managed a little bit of sewing. I can't unveil the finishes yet, but I CAN give you a bit of a sneaky peeky ...

... some patchwork from pretty fabrics ...

... and some stitching in a pretty Cottage Garden thread. I'm loving how these projects are coming together and can't wait to show them to you .. just as soon as I finalise the last project.

Well, that's it from me for now. I hope the weekend has given you time to recharge your batteries and that you have a fantastic week. I'm just hoping that a scratchy throat doesn't mark the start of a cold for me ... I'm heading for the olive leaf, lemon and honey drink and putting myself to bed. Til next time ...



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